I haven’t written much lately.
I’ve been busy… and not busy at the same time… well kind of in between most of the times.

I quit my job for another company. Somehow i knew i would be working for this other company so i took the offer without second thoughts.
I was on a shop walk-through the other week with 2 buyers. A fabulous guy and a stunning young lady- i felt like ugly betty on acid!
That was the inspiration behind my halloween costume:

Ugly Betty and Justin (this photo is from Lampel)

Naughty Drunk Fairy (fairy absinthe)

Moulin Rouge

Chun Li

Good vs Evil

Ed driving home the next morning

shifting mode:

While i was on a short break, B, G and myself started DRAMA! our online boutique that was launched last 09/09/09
we are also in facebook and twitter
There is always so much fun during photoshoots and meetings.
Been hearing comments from haters though
(haters who are secretly fanatics, think about it- you know u are! And hun, mind your own life because what you say don’t really matter- What have you achieved lately? hmpf- i tried to be nice to you!)
Alright forget about the wannabes…

Anti gun mode: i utterly, absolutely and completely H A T E G U N S. It has taken so much from my family.
It brings me deep sadness to even think of it.

Oh well…
Got to shift to romantic mode- back to reading Love Letters from Great Men.


JAL Fujeirah

Summer does not end here =)

My close friend Ed

The Romeros… leaving soon

Kitty getting married

Running Free

Fall has come, its getting cold
Seasons change and people go
How ever far or faded we get
We’ll always have this summer =)

5 days a week, i wake up at 6
too many things to do at work
so little time
i spend my day infront of the PC
only taking time off to have lunch
or to help the many stupid damsels in distress
or get pissed of by jabadahut whose ass is too heavy to walk 3 steps
or give instructions (for the 9th time) to snuffulafagus
-who was hired purely because she can batter her long lashes 24 hours a day
or have senseless discussions with mr. bean
-while fighting the urge to slap him for getting paid more than i am
i sit in my desk, curse almost everyone who passes by
yes- i do it all in my head
by 6pm i’m ready to scream from all the stress and the frustrations of the day

and then…

just before 7pm
he picks me up
i get in his car
he smiles at me
and asks about my day
then almost too quick and swift
everything is wonderful somehow.

I got my brother sewing machine!
now… ummmm… i just need to learn how to use it…

Last night i got an SMS from an online customer saying how much she loved the way the dresses were wrapped… such a sweet lady!
It feels good when little details of the things you do are appreciated!

I got myself new wrapping materials for my online shop.
Then i took a picture of them together.

dsd wrap


After a year of on-line selling in dubai, 2 other sites have followed. boooo!

mere shadow

dubaistylediary forever… serving dubai since april 2008.